Project Password is 003#

  • Good morning, my name is _____________ and I am calling you from SBO Research. We are a research company based in Nairobi. May I please speak to Mr/Miss [Mention respondent’s name].

                                  [Wait for respondent to confirm name]

  • Hi Mr/Miss [Mention respondent’s name]. We are carrying out a global work design survey across different organizations on behalf of Dr. Hazel Gachunga. Do you have a moment I ask you a few question in regard to your work and work environment? This will take approximately 5 to 10min.

                                  [Wait for respondent to confirm availability]

  • [If respondent is willing but not available, please ask for the most convenient time and record]

In the following questionnaire, you will be asked some questions regarding your job as supervisor along with some questions about your background. The expected time for completing the questionnaire is 20 minutes. A couple of weeks after completing this questionnaire, you will be invited to complete a second, shorter questionnaire with some follow up question.

The study is being run by SBO Research. You are welcome to contact Hazel Gachunga (0722650498) in case of any questions that you may have regarding the study