Project Password is 003#

  • Good morning, my name is _____________ and I am calling you from SBO Research. We are a research company based in Nairobi. May I please speak to Mr/Miss "Mention respondent’s name".

                                  "Wait for respondent to confirm name"

  • Hi Mr/Miss "Mention respondent’s name". We are carrying out a global work design survey across different organizations and your org is one of our target org. Do you have a moment I ask you a few question in regard to your work and work environment? This will take approximately 5 to 10min.


                                  "Wait for respondent to confirm availability".

  • "If respondent is willing but not available, please ask for the most convenient time and record"
  • "Further convincing if respondent sounds reluctant". The information you provide will be treated with highest confidentiality and the results with be analyzed together with other people’s responses. Your name will not be used anyway or the information used against you.